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Good morning, all. A while back I started posting weekly quotes to help encourage myself to keep blogging regularly. Of course, stuff always happens and I get derailed. I’ve decided to change it to Whenever Quotes. 🙂 It makes more sense than trying to force myself to do this.

Here is today’s Whenever Quote:

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So true.

I’ve had ups and downs over the past couple of months, so I’ve kept to myself more than I’d like.

On the upside, I’ve finished Physical Therapy for now and the family and I now go to the local YMCA for workouts. Vivi has been instrumental in helping me build more confidence in myself and my abilities.

We’re registering for a 5k walk in a couple of weeks and I’ve been working hard on the treadmill.

On the downside, I’m still having issues with depression, still sleeping more than I should. I’m almost done being weaned off a second medication, Paroxetine, but still haven’t noticed any significant changes.

All that being said, like the quote says, I’m determined to succeed and move forward, even if I fail a few times.

Enjoy the week, everyone! Xoxoxo







This is what I’m working on! Have a blessed day, everyone!