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Hello bloggers. It is the first Wednesday of the month and we know what that means, right? Time for the Insecure Writers Support Group – #IWSG.

NinjaInsecure Writers Support Group Badge Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh , my hero and one of my mentors, founded this amazing and wonderful group.

The group’s purpose is to allow writers to share their doubts and fears, trials and tribulations without fear of being mocked or feeling foolish. It’s also a place where writers who have “been there” can offer wisdom and guidance.

Whenever anyone finishes a draft, edits their work, finds the perfect critique group, publishes their work, or has any other good news to share, this is the place to do it too!

he awesome co-hosts for the August 3 posting of the IWSG are Tamara Narayan, Tonja Drecker, Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor, Lauren @ Pensuasion, Stephen Tremp, and Julie Flanders!

Please take a moment to thank them for all their hard work this month. 🙂

The past month has been both good and bad. I’ve spent most of it in NJ with my daughter and son-in-law due to the heat wave that was going on in my area. Since I don’t have A/C at home, it was the best option. While I was there, I ran out of my Paxil. When I had a few pills left, I spread out the days I took them, opting to see how I felt with just the Duloxetine (Cymbalta) in my system (prescribed for my neuropathy, but also used for depression). I had some withdrawal symptoms, but nothing crazy. I slept a lot, and had some periods of nausea and diarrhea. Other than that, I seemed to be OK.

When I was hospitalized, my neurologist had to discontinue my Topiramate because of the kidney stones I had. They helped prevent my migraines. Since I was on Paxil, there really wasn’t anything else to give me. Now that I’m off Paxil, my psychiatrist can prescribe another medication that will work for both my depression and migraines. Unfortunately, the name escapes me now. I know it’s too soon to tell if being without the Paxil and just the Duloxetine will work, but if it does, then I might just need something for migraine prevention only. Good stuff.

Overall, I had a good time in NJ seeing my family, and another change I made was getting my hair cut and buying some new clothes. Hopefully I’ll have something BIG to report in my next post, but I’m not counting my chickens yet. Stay tuned.

Have you made any changes in your life recently, big or small?

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