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Not Too Late to Give Your Support

Double dose of love Charles… 🙂 from my other blog too. Hugs.

Legends of Windemere

There’s still 11 days left to reach the goal of 100 supporters.  We’re at 44 and it’s been that way for the last 2 days.  So I ask again for people to click on the picture below and give their social media support for Legends of Windemere!

Also, please spread the word to others and let’s see if we can meet that October 4th goal.

By Kayla Matt By Kayla Matt

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A Little Something on Strength

Hey Blogger friends. Not surprisingly,  there’s a little something coming out of left field for me again. This time I’m going to try not letting it affect me the way things normally would. As a matter of fact, I’m not even going to talk about it here. I’m going to mention the positives.

I’ve been working hard to build up a stronger and more caring support system, something I didn’t have much of before when I was recovering from my hemorrhage…still recovering, actually.


I’m posting the image above about STRENGTH. I’ve read it over and over and do believe that I have the power to overcome all obstacles in my way. Some days it feels impossible, but the welcoming by a small but loving, caring, and GENUINE group of people has been a blessing to me. Finding my family after so many years has been the other. I am truly hopeful that many, many great things will be happening for me soon.


I hope this quote gives someone else the hope and positivity it has given me.

Until next post…

Celebrate the Small Things – September 19, 2014

Hello my beloved bloggers. I know you all must be wondering what’s been going on with me. I haven’t been blogging for a little bit, and I’ve neglected my Celebrate the Small Things meme for quite a while. To be honest, I’ve been in a really bad place for the past couple of months and felt I had nothing to celebrate. Recently, after receiving a well needed kick in the pants by several concerned, caring, and loving people,  I realized that I do indeed have many things to celebrate – both small and LARGE. So I’m going to hop to it now…

Today is Friday, September 19, 2014 and it’s time for the weekly meme ‘Celebrate the Small Things’ brought to us by Viklit at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author.

Celebrate the Small Things

Join the Celebration!!!

This is one of the easiest blog-hops around. Post anything in life that you’re celebrating, no matter how small or big, on your blog.

Sign up by clicking on the image to your left, and hop around and celebrate with others. Make sure your blog post has a link to the sign-up as well, so other bloggers will be able to sign-up and hop around too!

After posting the things you have to celebrate, please don’t forget to visit and thank Viklit’s awesome and amazing co-hosts for the wonderful job they do:

Diana Wilder
LG Keltner @ Writing Off the Edge
Katie @ TheCyborg Mom
CaffeMaggieato @ mscoffeehouse

I will start off by telling you the HUGE NEWS I have to celebrate first:

  • After having been estranged from my brother for almost 13 years, we have finally re-united (not personally yet, but I’ll be making some travel arrangements soon enough). I’ve also found my niece, nephew, and sister-in-law too. (I was entering the hospital when I initially reached out to them, so I haven’t spoken to them yet, but I am oh, so excited!)
  • I joined the Fellowship of the Dragon, which is a small group of bloggers whose purpose is to make sure we reach the goals we set for ourselves. We cheer each other on when we succeed, and gently kick each others butts when we slack. This is just what I need. I’m throwing my personal goals in there too!!
  • I spent a few days in NJ to see a couple of friends going through a rough patch. It feels nice to be needed, although I wish it was for more pleasant things.
  • I’m dedicating more time and energy to home physical therapy.
  • I AM STILL ALIVE!!!!! My spirit may have been torn, but it will NEVER, EVER be broken!


What have you celebrated this week?



Sunflowers for Tina – A Very Special Lady

Sunflowers for Tina 2

In Memory of a truly wonderful person…

I’m still grieving the loss of a very special blogger friend, Ms. Tina Downey. Today a group of her fans and fellow bloggers have decided to make today Sunflowers for Tina Day, where we publish a special memorial post with sunflowers in her honor.

I miss all her positive comments that used to make my day. I’ll have to go back through them all and post some on my special Memorial Page. I can’t think of a more fitting tribute than paying forward Tina’s positivity. She would absolutely love that!!

Tina, know that we’re thinking of you and miss you like CRAZY!!




Insecure Writers Support Group – INSECURITIES

Hey all. It’s Wednesday, September 3, 2014, the first Wednesday of the month. We know what that means, right? Time for the Insecure Writers Support Group – #IWSG.

Click on the Image to Join

Click on the Image to Join

Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh founded this amazing and wonderful group.

The purpose of this group is for writers of any kind to share their doubts and fears, trials and tribulations without fear of being mocked or feeling foolish. It’s also a place where writers who have “been there” can offer wisdom and guidance.

Whenever anyone finishes a draft, edits their work, finds the perfect critique group, publishes their work, or has any other good news to share, this is the place to do it too!

The awesome co-hosts for the September 3 posting of the IWSG are Laura at My Baffling Brain, Mark Koopmans, Shah Wharton, and Sheena-Kay Graham. 
And it’s our three year anniversary of posting!

Make sure you pay them a visit and thank them for all their hard work!

Anyway, I’m posting about my general insecurities this month. On my other blog lilicasplace, my IWSG post is about rejection which sort of goes hand in hand with insecurities. I use my writing as an outlet for me; it’s a way to vent, to release my anger and emotions, and to tell my stories.

I also use it as therapy for recovery. You read right. Typing forces me to work on my fine motor skills, just as I did when I was in Occupational Therapy. It also forces me to focus and concentrate, like I did during Speech Therapy. I’ve gotten better, but I’m still sloooow!! I started this blog in May and expected to be a lot further along with it than I am, here in September. That makes me feel very insecure.

I’ve gotten loads of information at the ready, some posts nearly done on my computer, and lists of resources I just need to double check. My biggest hurdle so far has been figuring out how to work my WordPress pages and doodads. Aye! Yes, I know… I still haven’t figured out half of them from my other blog yet either!

So if anyone can help a poor woman out, I’d be forever grateful!

What are your insecurities? What’s made you bonkers lately? Inquiring minds wanna know.