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Hello fellow bloggers, writers, and wielders of the mighty pen. It is the first Wednesday of the month. We know what that means, right? Time for the Insecure Writers Support Group – #IWSG.

Click on the Image to Join

Click on the Image to Join

Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh , my hero and one of my mentors, founded this amazing and wonderful group.

Its purpose is for writers of any kind to share their doubts, trials and tribulations without fear of being mocked or feeling foolish. It’s also a place where writers who have “been there” can offer wisdom and guidance.

Whenever anyone finishes a draft, edits their work, finds the perfect critique group, publishes their work, or has any other good news to share, this is the place to do it too!

The awesome co-hosts for the April 1 posting of the IWSG will be Suzanne Furness, Tonja Drecker, Toi Thomas, Rachna Chhabria, Fundy Blue, and Donna Hole!


Make sure you pay them a visit and thank them for all their hard work!

I’m keeping it simple this month by listing a few important quotes to live by, since my alter ego will be busy doing April’s A-Z Challenge along with many other wonderful bloggers.  You can check my progress at my other blog lilicasplace.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. – Reinhold Niebuhr

Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you. – Jon Bon Jovi

I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you’re grateful, you’ll see God open up new doors. – Joel Osteen

For changes to be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent. – Tony Robbins

I hope these quotes help you maintain a positive outlook for the coming months. I know I’m trying hard to live by a lot of the quotes I’ve been reading lately.

Until next month…





Celebrate the Small Things – MARCH 19, 2015

Hey everyone! It’s Friday again and time for another posting of Celebrate the Small Things brought to us by LEXA CAINPost anything in life that you’re celebrating, no matter how small or big, on your blog.

Sign up by clicking on the image, hop around and celebrate with others. It’s been almost a month since I’ve published a #CTST post and that has everything to do with my being under the weather recently. Sorry about that!


Make Celebrate the Small Thingssure your blog post has a link to the sign-up as well, so other bloggers will be able to sign-up and hop around too. 

This is such a simple and easy blog-hop, and it also happens to be one of my favorites.  After posting the things you have to celebrate, please don’t forget to visit and thank Lexa and her awesome and amazing co-hosts for the wonderful job they do:



LG Keltner @ Writing Off the Edge
Katie @ TheCyborg Mom

I’ve done extremely well in Physical Therapy. My range of motion and strength is very good. Unfortunately, I only have one approved visit left for the year per my Medicare which is next week. In a way it’ll work out for me because they offer wellness programs to patients who have been there before at a great discount. If I sign up for a 3-month program, I can go up to 3x a week, use all the equipment, and it’ll come out to less than $3.00 a visit. Works for me! If you live in the Poconos, PA area and need physical therapy, you should check out Marshall Creek Physical Therapy. They’re a great group of people. 

I found out about a week or so ago that they made a mix up with my appointment. The girl I spoke to thought I had an evaluation done already, which I hadn’t. One of the STs called me and informed me that there was a waiting list for evals, so now I’m scheduled for April 22. It’s okay though, they’ll call if they have any cancels prior. I’m just happy to be getting it done.

Both my doctor appointments went really well today, so I’m happy about that.

Best of all, I’m still here and blessed with some very special people in my life.

What have you celebrated this week?







Redefining Disability Challenge-BASELINE and CHALLENGES


Hello blogger friends and welcome. I’m posting for the redfng-disblty2Redefining Disability Challenge started by Rose B. Fischer. If you click on the image to the left, you can see exactly what it’s all about and feel free to join. Answer as many of the 52 questions as you like, or the ones that pertain to you. There is no time limit. Answer them in one post, one a day, a week, or whatever fits your needs.

I’m going to spread the questions out over the remainder of the year since a lot of the questions pertain to me already. For today’s post I’m just going to answer question(s) 14 and 15.

14.  Describe your baseline, or an average day.  It’s difficult to describe an average day because they vary so often depending on pain levels, whether or not I have physical therapy, etc. For simplicity sake, my average pain level is about five/ten which is not bad considering I’m no longer on narcotic pain meds. I think the physical therapy, prayers, meditation, and my other meds (muscle relaxers and neuropathic pain meds) have helped also. The warmer weather is helping too.

I’m on top of my meds and take them twice daily as ordered. I feed Sophie three times daily. I go to physical therapy twice a week and am pretty wiped out by the time I’m done. I usually have a few doctor appointments each month that I have to make. I’ve gotten to the point where I can make quick and simple meals for myself as long as I remain in the kitchen.

Cleaning is a hassle because I can only do a little at a time before I need a break. I do bits and pieces otherwise it would take me days. I spend some of my time with my online support group and blogger friends. They’ve kept me going through some of my roughest times. I’m hoping to meet more of them very soon.

15.  What are the biggest challenges that you face in regard to disability?  Wow, I have a few. I’m sure I’ve mentioned some of them in previous posts. The biggest challenge in my eyes is my inability to drive. It’s extremely frustrating for me. Luckily I haven’t had any seizures since last summer so I’m hopeful that my neurologist will finally clear me to drive again, so I can practice. It’ll be four years in September since I’ve been behind the wheel of a car. I’m due.

Another challenge I face is getting people to take me seriously and not talk down to me like I’m slow or stupid. I tend to get overwhelmed in stressful situations, but I try letting people know in advance when I call that I sometimes have a speech impairment when I’m upset. I stutter and sometimes I cry. This is especially true when I’m calling about something IMPORTANT. I’ll save the story for an upcoming question that will explain it perfectly.

That’s about all I have for today all. Have a great day!




Hey everyone. I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I haven’t been well for the past few weeks: lethargy, excessive sleeping, diahrrea and not eating; I even bought myself an ER visit for dehydration. Sigh. The past few days the closest I’ve come to feeling on the ‘Okay’ side for close to three weeks.

I was pretty depressed and disappointed in myself for a while because I was on such a roll as far as getting so many positive things done. depression-1348941951aDCI’m not going to beat myself up over it though. I know it’s not going to do me any good anyway. 🙂

I’m almost done with my Medicare approved physical therapy for the year so I’m going to have to think about other options for keeping my body from regressing. My PT place, Marshall Creek Physical Therapy in PA offers wellness programs at a discount, so I might look into doing that once I’m done.

I have my Speech Evaluation April 22; there’s a waiting list, so unless something opens up before then — I wait.

Just wanted you all to know that I’m okay and missed you all while I was sick.   😀

Until next post, hugs to all!!