Hey there, my wonderful blogger friends. It’s been a long while since I posted but it wasn’t really my fault this time (kinda). I left my laptop sitting in a bit of water accidentally and she just stopped working. Yes, a black screen is BAD.

So, I played it safe and bought myself a Chromebook (the water-resistant, rubber bound kind). It was a learning curve for me but I think I’ve got it now.

What’s going on you ask? I’ll start with the good and work my way down. I was approved for the Orange County Paratransit bus so I can get out of the house more often during the day. I’ve been going out more with friends, supporting them in their different endeavors. I use up a lot of  ‘spoons’ on these days/nights and am usually out for the count for a few days after, but I’ll take it.

Oh, and today marks six years since I had the subarachnoid hemorrhage. The day after tomorrow will be the sixth anniversary of the brain surgery itself and subsequent stroke.

The depression had hit me really, really hard for a while but I weaned myself off 30 of the 90 mg of Duloxetine because my primary said there wasn’t much by way of drug therapy when I’m on that med. I’ve taken it for almost five years for neuropathic pain and to be honest, I don’t notice much difference taking just the 60mg.

My right knee has been acting up badly over the past few months from the ACL injury and the Ortho had to give me a cortisone shot. It was excruciating for about three days, then felt better for a good seven weeks. Unfortunately, these shots can only be given quarterly so he put in a request to insurance for another type of injection treatment. When the pain is really bad, I’ll take a very low dose narcotic (not a fan).

That’s basically been the past few months in a nutshell. Oh, and I got culled from the #IWSG. <Sniffle> It’s all good though; I’ll be BACK!!


About My Miracle Life

I'm a writer, blogger, avid reader, book reviewer, sub-arachnoid hemorrhage and stroke survivor, moving forward in my recovery and trying to advocate for stroke and brain hemorrhage awareness and prevention. I'm also slowly working towards independence, driving, my first novel, a memoir and a series of short stories. I've been lucky to have a very small network of close friends to guide me; I've been even luckier to have found an online 'family' of sorts to help me through the rough times.
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4 Responses to SO MUCH TO SAY

  1. Jo Wake says:

    I wondered where you had got to – glad you can get out and about but sorry the medical news isn’t the greatest. Have a happy Thanksgiving and look after yourself.


  2. I was worried about you!! Glad to hear it’s just a lame computer, though the knee sounds like it’s trying to be lame. Would surgery fix the knee? I’m with you, I hate the narcotics.


    • Sorry, Liz. Sadly, it wasn’t the computer’s fault; it was mine. I’d like to avoid another surgery if it’s at all possible. I think I’ve had all the operations I can bear. We’re going to try a couple more things. Another surgery will be the last option.


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