Hey, everyone! It’s time for another posting of Celebrate the Small Things brought to us by LEXA CAINPost anything in life that you’re celebrating, no matter how small or big, on your blog. I know it’s been a while for me, but I spent the past month actually enjoying my summer (for the most part).

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 I’ve had a lot to celebrate over the past several weeks. My depression has been almost non-existent since I spent a good portion of the summer between the homes of my daughter and son-in-law, my friend Luis, and my friends Vivian and Alan (who just celebrated 25 years of marriage!) I was one of the witnesses at their civil ceremony all those years ago, and was thrilled to share in their anniversary festivities.

The party happened to fall on my birthday, so not only did I get a shout out at the party, but Vivi and Alan took me to Medieval Times in Lyndhurst the following week as a birthday gift. Loved it!


Vivi, Alan, & me at their anniversary party

Al photobombing my selfie

Alan photo bombing my selfie!









I loved this place!

I loved this place!


Throwback before I got sick. South Beach 2007. Me and Vivian

Throwback before I got sick. South Beach 2007. Me and Vivian







I also finished my review of Lexa’s soon to be released book, Bloodwalker – and it was amazing! Creepy, thrilling, engrossing, you name it. You can read the review I left on my other blog lilicasplace .

I’m heading out this weekend again, but I’m taking my computer with me, so I’ll try doing better with my postings. Don’t know when I’ll be home, but I’ve got a lot of cool plans. Stay tuned!

Best of all, I’m STILL ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE GRASS!! Yeah, Baby!!

What have you celebrated this week or this summer? I need to catch up!  🙂





12 thoughts on “#CTST – A FABULOUS SUMMER

  1. lexacain

    It’s wonderful to hear you’re free of depression along with having such a great time visiting friends and relatives. Happy Birthday to you! Love the pics! When I lived in NY, I heard abut Medieval Times a lot. I bet it was a blast! And thank you a lot for the review of Bloodwalker and the shout-out. Much appreciated! 🙂

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    1. My Miracle Life Post author

      I appreciate that, Lexa. I haven’t felt this good in a while, although I wish the pain days were a little less. Baby steps, I guess. I highly recommend MT if you’re into that kind of thing.

      No thanks needed for the shoutout; the book was amazing. Love ya! Eva


  2. Lori L MacLaughlin

    I’m glad you had such a wonderful summer with your family and friends! Happy Belated Birthday! I would have loved the Medieval Times. Here’s wishing that your autumn will be even better than your summer! Stay well.


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