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It’s been a good couple of weeks for me. The Buspirone is completely out of my system now, so I no longer have those random urges to punch people in the face! 😀 My anxiety has decreased exponentially and my mood has become more stable. Thanking the Lord for that. My psychiatrist and I have decided to bypass any new meds for now and just stick with my depression meds. I’ll keep working on ‘little life changes’ to boost my moods when I’m in a funk. We’ll take it from there. Sounds like a plan to me. The less meds, the better.

I won a book bundle giveaway from our very own Lexa Cain, which included her novel Soul Cutter and three short stories (Whoop!), and a book thong (it’s like a book mark – mind outta the gutter people) and two personalized pens in a swag package from author, friend, and fellow blogger Melissa Maygrove (Yay!) Click on their links to read about the winners and check out the prizes we won.

I also won four books in various Goodreads giveaways I entered. That’s a record for me. Oh, snap! I’ll be doing a lot of reviews on lilicasplace over the coming months!

My daughter is coming up to see me tomorrow to spend the day with me. She can’t come Friday night because she has her EMS overnight shift :D, and her ride will be too busy on Sunday to bring her back. But I’ll take it! Any time with my baby is good time!

Most important of all, I’m STILL ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE GRASS!! Yeah, Baby!!

What have you celebrated this week? Anyone else win any goodies lately? 






  1. Shah Wharton

    Good to hear your mood is stabilising. I have bipolar disorder and know how awful fluctuations can be.

    Congrats on winning all that loot! Awesome. I rarely win anything. 😦


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    1. My Miracle Life Post author

      Thanks Shah, I appreciate that. It’s rough sometimes, but it’s encouraging to know that a lot of others understand what I’m feeling, even though we have a different diagnosis.

      Aww, then you need to enter more contests and giveaways! Lol. I rarely ever won anything either. Lately I’ve been entering more. 🙂 Hugs. Eva


  2. Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

    Lots of good things to celebrate Eva! So glad you’re feeling better and you won all those lovely books! Its always exciting when you get nice, unexpected surprises. Have a fun weekend with your daughter. Thinking of you and sending hugs.

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    1. My Miracle Life Post author

      Thanks Lori! It wasn’t even a new med. Apparently it’s supposed to be a tried and true med that’s been around for some time. Just wasn’t for me. I’ll enjoy every second with my baby! Hugs.

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  3. lexacain

    I’m so happy to hear the bad meds are gone, you’re feeling better, and your psychiatrist’s helping. Yay for that and for all the great things you won! Free stuff is the awesome, and thanks for the shout-out!!! 🙂


  4. Jo Wake

    It’s so great you are doing OK of the Busiprone. As you say, the less meds the better. Wish I could get rid of a few of mine. Sounds you have been lucky with your winnings lately. Hope you keep it up, Love you girl.


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