Hello fellow bloggers. It’s the first Wednesday of the month and we know what that means, right? Time for the Insecure Writers Support Group – #IWSG.

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Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh , my hero, virtually adopted brother and one of my mentors, founded this amazing and wonderful group.

The group’s purpose is to allow writers to share their doubts and fears, without worry of being mocked or feeling foolish. It’s also a place where writers who have “been there” can offer wisdom and guidance.

Whenever anyone finishes a draft, edits their work, finds the perfect critique group, publishes their work, or has any other good news to share, this is the place to do it too!

The co-hosts for this month’s posting of the IWSG are TB Markinson, Tamara Narayan, Shannon Lawrence, Stephanie Faris, and Eva E. Solar! Yes, I know, the last one is me – at my alter-ego site, lilicasplace.

Most of my followers know my story and understand my recent ups and downs. I’ve mentioned to my Fellowship of the Dragon group that sometimes I feel like my faith is on shaky ground when things get REALLY bad. I get this feeling of, God where are you?? They help me move forward by always telling me to stay strong and leave it in God’s hands.

I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway:  It was like God smacked me in the back of the head and said ‘Where’d ya think I was? I’ve been with you the whole time’.


I gave it a 4-heart rating, but haven’t done a full review yet because I have a few books in line ahead of it. It’ll be coming soon on my lilicasplace blog.

What struck me most was the timing. Being at a low point, this book helped me understand that it won’t last forever and that sometimes our journeys through the valleys can last longer than we expect.

I’ve just been hit with another WTF situation, but instead of wallowing in the ‘Why me’ of it all, I looked up at the sky and said, ‘I know you got this, God. All I’m asking is that you help me through it again. I love you and don’t question that you’re here with me now’.

Whenever you feel that you can’t move forward with whatever obstacles, trials, or tribulations you face, remember how important it is to have faith in something bigger than yourself.

Have you had times when you thought you couldn’t go on without falling apart? What’s helped you through the hard times – God, Spirituality, Nature, the Universe? I’d love to read about them in the comments. Until next post…









About My Miracle Life

I'm a writer, blogger, avid reader, book reviewer, sub-arachnoid hemorrhage and stroke survivor, moving forward in my recovery and trying to advocate for stroke and brain hemorrhage awareness and prevention. I'm also slowly working towards independence, driving, my first novel, a memoir and a series of short stories. I've been lucky to have a very small network of close friends to guide me; I've been even luckier to have found an online 'family' of sorts to help me through the rough times.
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22 Responses to IWSG – FAITH AND A MESSAGE

  1. God is always with us, whether we realize it or not. Sometimes it’s difficult to maintain the faith. He understands though. And He never gives up on us. Now that is really damn amazing.

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  2. Jo Wake says:

    Anything which helps you deal with the downers in life is good. I am glad this book turned up at the right time for you Eva. Love you.


  3. oc1dean says:

    My skepticism and intellectual thinking helped me through the hard times. No spiritual or higher power crutch for me.


    • I totally get where you’re coming from oc1dean. I spent the better part of my life searching for greater meaning and questioning the whats and whys of everything.

      I don’t use my belief in God as a crutch, but I use my faith to give me strength through hardship. That and the belief in my own abilities and love and friendship of those closest to me.

      Thanks for the visit and for your honest comment. Have a great day. 🙂 Eva


  4. M.R.R. says:

    Timing like that helps you remember God is there for you.


    • That’s so true. It’s not only the timing, but a personal story in the book that resonated with me deep into my core. Thanks for the visit and comment. Hugs to you and enjoy the rest of IWSG day. Eva


  5. TBM says:

    Being in nature has always soothed me and each day my dog and I explore London together. He’s my rock. Sending you positive thoughts.


    • Thanks TB! 🙂 Hopefully one day I’ll get to scratch visiting London off my bucket list. Sophie’s my rock too – my hairy little thing. Thanks for co-hosting with my alter-ego today. Hugs. Eva


  6. This may sound ridiculous, but when I get seriously down, rock and roll can drag me away from the precipice. Maybe it’s because certain songs help me remember other, better times or other, worse times that I did survive.

    Also, I don’t think the link Alex has with your name is correct. It sent me to a site with a set of links related to chemistry. The word “wordpress” is missing.

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    • That doesn’t sound ridiculous at all. It’s kind of what salsa and merengue do for me! (And rock, rap, pop…)

      I already emailed Alex. Thanks for the heads up. Hugs. Eva


  7. chemistken says:

    Faith that God had plans for me after I lost my job is what got me through the last couple of weeks. I’m glad he’s there for you too.

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  8. lexacain says:

    You’re right that you must always have faith, stay positive, and work through it. Every problem has a solution and you’ll find it!
    (And WP seems to be working for me today! I hope it keeps up…)


  9. ahtdoucette says:

    Eva, I definitely know that feeling of being “God-smacked” so to speak. And I definitely needed to read this now. I’m kind of in a similar place, where I know! eventually I’ll be like God has been there all the while – as God has shown me in the past – but at the moment I’m like I dunno … this is kinda crazy. (I know, silly human with my silly human perspective!) Hugs! Anne


    • I know EXACTLY what you mean, Anne. I couldn’t get into much detail because I try keeping IWSG posts a reasonable length, but you’ll understand more once I post my review about the book on my other blog. Talk about “God-smacked”!! We are who we are – silly humans with our silly human perspectives. I’m always an email away if you need me. Hugs right back atcha!! Eva


  10. Hi, Eva,

    I know it well! It seems most of my life has been that way for me. Things get good for about a millisecond and, WHAM! I get thrown back to start another journey. I have faith for sure. Visit a lovely Shrine a few blocks away from where I currently live. It’s the Shrine of Mother Cabrini. An amazing spirit of champion of the down and trodden. I feel peace when things overwhelm me.

    My life has always been a search for where I fit… God blessed me with many talents, but I feel they can be a HUGE burden at times. But I put a smile on my face and say “It can always be worse…” I it has been. As long as I have my health and I can keep fighting, and moving on, I know I’ll get where I need to be eventually.

    I love nature, too and have frequented the lovely Lincoln Park here in Chicago as well as the Zoo, which is truly a lovely place to visit. These places are just a short walk away. But when I move downtown next month, I will be in a whole NEW neighborhood which is brimming with creativity and college students. I love being around the new generations. They have so much life and talent. I was just like them eons ago, and their freshness and vitality breathes new life and excitement into my stressful days.

    SO, we carry on, as we are meant to do…

    Hope your journey becomes more bearable and you find a spark of happiness on those days when life just gets too hard….


    • Thanks so much for that, Michael. You’re absolutely right. It can always be worse. I’m constantly reminding myself of how lucky I really am. I know somewhere inside me there’s untapped potential and hidden talent I probably don’t realize exists. I’ll find it, one way or another! Sorry it took a while to comment back. You rock, and your words mean the world. Hugs. Eva


  11. Ula says:

    Trust in something bigger than me definitely helps get through the tough times.


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