Access makes invisible

Jo Traveller

Constant access to anything makes it invisible. Gratitude brings it back into focus.


I live in the Rocky Mountains in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I am surrounded by stunning natural beauty and encounter wild animals almost daily. I have often wondered if I’ve become complacent in my awe of this place until I was recently struck by a thought that cut deep into my existence.

On a recent road trip with my family I was daydreaming and gazing out the car window when out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of something common, but saw it with new eyes.  What I saw was a group of tourists on the side of the road taking photos of a handful of bighorn sheep. As I watched the visitors inch closer to the dangerous wild animals I was struck first with concern for their well being then harsh criticism over…

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About My Miracle Life

I'm a writer, blogger, avid reader, book reviewer, sub-arachnoid hemorrhage and stroke survivor, moving forward in my recovery and trying to advocate for stroke and brain hemorrhage awareness and prevention. I'm also slowly working towards independence, driving, my first novel, a memoir and a series of short stories. I've been lucky to have a very small network of close friends to guide me; I've been even luckier to have found an online 'family' of sorts to help me through the rough times.
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4 Responses to Access makes invisible

  1. Deanie Humphrys-Dunne says:

    I bet you appreciate everything, Eva. That makes you a happy, well-adjusted person.


  2. That is one epic post!! You are so right. I love that quote. I must share it. Hugs and love, o wise lady!!

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  3. Jo Wake says:

    So very true, things you see all the time become kind of invisible. Love and hugs to you.


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