World Stroke Day – October 29, 2014

Good morning bloggers. Today is Wednesday, October 29 and it is also World Stroke Day. It’s a day to bring attention and awareness to the devastating effects that strokes have on the people they strike. Many are misinformed about who is susceptible to having a stroke. Young people are especially notorious for saying, “Oh, it can’t happen to me; I’m too young.” I’ve got news for you, it can happen to anyone at any age, even newborns and toddlers.

As an Advocate and Activist for You’re the Cure, I do my best to bring attention to the needs of stroke survivors, their caregivers, and families, particularly in Pennsylvania, where I currently reside. Although I am currently uncleared to drive, that will NOT always be the case. World-Stroke For now, I do most of my advocacy work from home. I contact my state lawmakers about proposals of importance like increased funding for therapies for those of us with Medicare. I know I’ve published the F.A.S.T. infographic in previous posts, but I’m going to include it here again. It’s good as a guideline, particularly if the patient is suffering from an ischemic stroke at the time.

I had a sub-arachnoid hemorrhage secondary to a ruptured aneurysm, also known as a hemorrhagic stroke. During my craniotomy, I suffered an ischemic stroke as well, which is a common side effect of that surgery. In a later post, I will explain in further detail the differences between ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes.

For now, please share this post, tweet it,  and pin this infographic to your Pinterest if you have one, so we can reach as many people as possible. Thank you!







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