Celebrate the Small Things – October 24, 2014

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I had a good week. A friend came to visit and stayed with me for a few days, helping me run some errands and organize my cottage. We got some food shopping done for me, hooked the cable up to my big screen in the living room :), enjoyed Italian dinner one night, Perkins dinner another night and Popeye’s the last. Since I live alone and don’t drive, we enjoyed our dinners eat in, no take out. Awesome sauce.

My first appointment with my new psychiatrist was a successful one, and as always, every visit with my neuro-psychologist Dr. D was amazing. I spoke to an agency about getting Medicare supplemental insurance to help with my Part B.

I was able to get some work done with my NaNo prep, but not much. It’s ok though; I needed this week! Best of all, I’m here!!

What have you celebrated this week?





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