Celebrate the Small Things – August 1, 2014

Hey bloggers!  It’s Saturday August 2, 2014 and I’m a couple of hours late for the weekly meme ‘Celebrate the Small Things’ brought to us by Viklit at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author. Luckily it’s only two am. 🙂

Celebrate the Small ThingsThis blog-hop is easy-post a celebration, however small or big, in your blog. It doesn’t have to be related to writing. It can be anything happening in your life.

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I spent most of the week at home with my Compai and his mom. Sophie spent the week with her other Mommy and will stay with her for a few more weeks until I pick her up again. I miss her already.

I’m noticing a change with the increased dose of Paxil, although I am sleepier than usual. I’m switching it to night time instead of taking it in the morning. I managed to see my neuropsychologist, pain management doctor, and my rehabilitation doctor this week. I always love my visits to Dr. D., my neuropsych. He is the only man in this world I trust right about now. I tell him anything and he listens and lets me finish my sentences. I love that about him. I always celebrate the weeks I’m able to visit with him. I’m less depressed when I do.

I told my pain doctor, Dr. P., that my pain days have increased, but I’m uncomfortable with increasing my Fentanyl for obvious reasons. He initially felt I should change my patch every 60 hours instead of 72, but I didn’t like that idea. My goal is to wean off meds, not increase. For now he prescribed Tramadol for breakthrough pain as needed. Celebrating the fact that we managed to compromise on that issue. I have another method of pain relief I’ve tried a few times, but that’s for another upcoming post.

My rehab doctor found that my left shoulder has become stiff and is concerned that it may become frozen again. I try stretching it as much as I can; I need to find some new and creative exercises to get that baby moving right again. It’s hard to notice some of the changes with the neuropathy. She seems to move fine to me, obviously I was mistaken. He also gave me a scrip for another X-ray for my right knee. Otherwise, my exam went well and he’s going to hold off on PT until I get back home to PA.

Before heading back to CT, we enjoyed lunch at Friendly’s and I indulged myself in a well deserved sundae.

What have you celebrated this week?


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