Time For Some Stroke History-I Think I’m Ready

Hello blogger friends. I mentioned when I first started this blog that I had begun using my writing blog as a place to start talking about my hemorrhage and stroke recovery. It had turned into a series of sorts, that I didn’t get a chance to finish because life kept happening. Rather than start from scratch, I’m going to re-blog those posts onto this blog over the next several weeks, and then continue from where I left off. At some point, it will sync into the present, and I’ll just keep going from there.

I’m still going through a stack of research and organizing a bunch of notes I’ve pulled together in an effort to make this a somewhat comprehensive blog when it’s done. She’s got a long way to go, but given a little time, I hope you’ll all be proud of my efforts. 🙂

The post that I’ll be re-blogging today is the ‘prequel’ post entitled, “I Think I’m Ready”. I’ll be re-blogging the others in 2-3 day increments, until I get them transferred over. For those of you following both blogs, I apologize for the brief period where you’ll see a duplication of some posts from last year, but I promise, it’ll be over soon!


A few people have asked me about my stroke and for the longest time, it was something I didn’t speak of freely unless it was to people directly involved; doctors, family, and close friends; and even to them I’ve left out a lot of intimate details of what I’ve FELT during this journey to recovery. I’ve talked about it in pretty clinical terms with everyone. Now is as good a time as any to just get it all out there. A very wise Aloha man told me once that when I was ready, I would be able to share. I’m going to do my best; although this is going to take several blog posts. I’m thinking at least four. But before I get into all of that, I think it’s important for me to discuss some events that occurred a few months before my bleed.  I guess this is my…

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    1. strokesurvivoreva Post author

      Thanks LadyJai! I’ll be transferring the posts over the next couple of weeks, so you should have a good sense by then. In the meantime, we’ll continue to communicate offline. From now one, neither one of us will ever be alone, and that makes me feel so good! Have a great weekend! Eva


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