Celebrate the Small Things

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Good morning fellow bloggers!  I’ve entered myself into another blog hop, which I think is a pretty important one considering everything I’ve gone through and the things the people I hope to reach out to have gone through. It’s called Celebrate the Small Things.

This blog hop is very easy – just post a celebration, however small or big, in your blog. Sign up on the linky, which you will find on Viklit’s website when you click on the image to your left. After you sign up and post your little (or BIG) celebrations, hop around and celebrate with others. Simple!

This week I actually have a couple of things to celebrate.

  1. I had both my CT scan and EEG done so my neurologist can examine them and let me know if I can get behind the wheel again soon. (Keeping the fingers crossed.)   🙂
  2. I’ve been less depressed over the past couple of weeks than I have since the beginning of the year.
  3. I’ve already confirmed with one of my closest friends for next week that I’ll be staying with her; so I’ll be in NJ spending precious time with special people. Psyched.
  4. I applied for a small copy-writing gig and my writing sample was given high marks. I can begin putting in for assignments immediately.
  5. As always, I celebrate the fact that I wake up to see another day.

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